Forts Old Town Tavern Beer on Tap

Budweiser ABV 5%   IBU 12
Anheuser-Busch American lager
Bud Light ABV 4.2%   IBU 12
Anheuser-Busch Light Lager USA
Miller Lite ABV 4.2%   IBU 10
Miller Brewing Light Lager USA
Angry Orchard Crisp ABV 6%   IBU 10
Angry Orchard Cider
Blue Moon ABV 5.4%   IBU 9
Coors brewing Belgian white
Yuengling ABV 4.5%   IBU 16
Yuengling Brewery American Amber
Guinness ABV 4.2%   IBU 45
Guinness LTD. Irish Dry Stout
Christmas Ale ABV 7.5%   IBU 30
Great Lakes Winter ale
Dortmunder Gold ABV 5.8%   IBU 30
Great Lakes Lager
Humulus Nimbus ABV 6%   IBU 53
Seventh Son Pale Ale American
Fat Tire ABV 5.2%   IBU 22
New belgium brewing Amber
Columbus IPA ABV 6.3%   IBU 60
Columbus Brewing Americn IPA
Head Hunter IPA ABV 7.5%   IBU 87
Fat Heads Brewery IPA American
Truth ABV 7.2%   IBU 75
Rhinegeist Brewery IPA - American
Nut Job ABV 5.6%   IBU 0
Railroad Brewing Brown Ale
Bumbleberry ABV 5.3%   IBU 13
Fat Head's Brewery Honey Blueberry Beer
12 Dogs of Christmas ABV 8.3%   IBU 21
Thirsty Dog Brewing Winter Ale

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